Our overall verdict "silver"

I really didn’t know what to expect from Drawful 2. I just wanted to play it because I thought the logo was cute. That’s literally all it takes to reel me in. That’s what we’re working with folks. Well sometimes, you gotta trust your cute logo instincts, because Drawful 2 is more fun than a pencil in a pencil case. It’s literally more fun than that. So put your pen away and pull your finger out. Oh and you’ll also need a smartphone or a tablet. Sorry DS4, you’re not needed on this one. Go charge in the corner buddy… (love you, see you later xx)

Drawful 2_20160702111050

Remember Pictionary? Drawful 2 is sort of the same thing, albeit a 2016 version. You get given a 4 digit room code which you then enter at www.jackbox.tv to get started (this is surprisingly easy and quick). Once in a game, you use your smartphone or tablet to draw a picture that you’ve been requested. So you might get something like “noodle arm” whilst another player might get “death by trombone”. My personal favourite was “an ambulance going the wrong way” – my attempt looked more like spaghetti hoops playing football.

Drawful 2_20160702111405

You then each draw what you’ve been prompted to on your touchscreen phone and these drawings will show up on the screen. It’s then up to others to guess what you’ve drawn. Obviously the suggestions are absurd, which leaves a whole host of terrible ‘drawings’ and ridiculous answers. The winner is then decided via a points system, based on who got closest to the right answer. The game is a local multiplayer doodle fest, but it can be enjoyed over streams with remote players. It is important to note however that you need a minimum of 3 players to play properly. If you are however more interested in the trophy hunting side of things, you could simply play with 3 devices (I used iPhone, iPad and Kindle Fire – I tried a Vita but it wouldn’t let me draw) and bag yourself a load of shiny new trophies.


Now clearly Drawful 2 is very, very silly, but I think that’s why it is so bloody charming – it’s genuine, light hearted fun. Furthermore, it also feels like the worse you are at the game, the funnier it gets. The fact that it’s so simple only adds to its charm too – like a 3 chord song, simple things can be great and Drawful 2 is certainly that.

Fun for all the family, Drawful 2 deserves to draw a crowd.

Punk rating: 8/10