Our overall verdict "silver"

Mass Creation’s finger swiping Draw Slasher is here on the Vita – but the question is will you want to give it the middle finger, or pull your finger out and get hands on with the touch screen mayhem?

The mechanics of Draw Slasher are simple. Every control is on the touch screen. Draw a line on the screen to slash enemies, or use it to dash and dodge. Story wise, you play as a ninja apprentice called Hanzo, who on his way home from his ninja apprenticeship gets surrounded by Pirate Monkey Zombies. Why Pirates you ask? Why are they there? Well they just arghhhh. Chances are you probably didn’t ask that question, but it was necessary for me to ask an imaginary rhetorical question for me to get my pirate joke in. Let’s move on.

Draw Slasher eases you in subtly at first. Enemies are fairly easy to dispose of and you won’t require the magic touch to progress. Zombies come thick and fast but the game is just warming you up for the challenge later on. As you hack and slash your way through these psychos trying to give you extreme plastic surgery, they will excrete health orbs that keep you going. In addition to this, the more enemies you kill, the more you will level up. This earns you skill points which you can spend in the Dojo. The Dojo has 3 things for sale; Health, Stamina and Ninjutsu abilities. If you choose to purchase health or stamina, your health and stamina bars will extend. This will become essential when you get to some of the boss battles later on. Ninjutsu abilities on the other hand are all kinds of awesome. Unleash lightning, fiery hell or freeze your opponents with these gems. They unlock as you move forward through the story or you can speed things up with skill points in the Dojo.


Story mode is a blast. I genuinely laughed out loud in sections and the voice acting is great. There are 7 chapters and it will take you around 3-4 hours to complete story mode. Some of the enemies have to be killed from behind and some, like Butchers, are heavily cloaked in armour so you’ll have to be really precise otherwise you’ll end up as Ninja soup. As it goes on you will face some great boss fights too. Whether it’s Octo, a crazy monkey spider with killer tentacles or your final boss Demon Samurai, you will love every minute. Draw Slasher is never a chore and really becomes an enjoyable challenge towards the end.


Despite all the blood and gore, there is also great humour to be found in the game. This game will undoubtedly get comparisons to Fruit Ninja, and there is an amazing reference midway through which I won’t spoil for you. However on a side note, if there are comparisons, it will be unfair due to Draw Slasher’s first game coming out in October 2009, 6 months before Fruit Ninja’s arrival in 2010.

Once you wrap up story mode you have Challenge mode. Here you will have short tests such as surviving for as long as you can. 45 seconds will get you one flame whereas 75 seconds will get you 3 flames. To get a gold trophy you will have to get 3 flames on each challenge, and there are 24 in total. As you can see you will spend a lot more time with this game than just Story mode. Finally you have Arcade mode. Here you can play Gatekeeper, where you constantly try to keep Zombies from getting past you. Your high scores can be uploaded to the Leaderboards too.

So, why should you buy Draw Slasher? Because it is great blood soaked fun. It has 13 trophies and really is ludicrously good value at only £3.99. We suggest you get your fingers at the ready, because downloading Draw Slasher is a no brainer.

Punk rating: Wake me up before you Dojo – Draw Slasher is killer. Happy Slashing! 8/10