Dragon Maze is a 3d/Action/Adventure/Platformer where the main focus is to bring back the “old school controller action”.  A while a go we posted a video showing the game running on PS Vita , now developer Feline Arts has shared some new info with us about Dragon Maze.

drangon maze

Feline Arts tell us: “Dragon Maze was an idea for a very simple mobile game, inspired in the old 80’s game “Marble Madness”, we wanted to have the game done in aproximately 6 months, development was going great.  We reached alpha stage but some months later we became excited for the OUYA kickstarter campaign, and when we got our Developer version of the OUYA. The game was not fun with the controller and that is how the current version of the game was born, the game was expanded and now the target is portable consoles such as PS Vita, which is in development.

dragon maze 3

In Dragon Maze you play as Suki, a little dragon who is on its way to save Nina, Nina is Suki’s best friend, she was captured by the evil gang of wolves, “The Klaw Gang”, they capture exotic and rare creatures and sell them for gold. In this adventure you will travel trough forests, caves, mountains and different environments, each one with different mechanics.

Regarding the current development stage, Dragon Maze is in beta stage, we don’t have a release date, but we estimate that the game will be out in beginning or half 2015 for steam if we get greenlighted and ouya, we also have the game running on PS Vita under a PSM license but we will look foward to have a PS Vita license. We are also interested in other consoles such as PS3 and PS4, but we will do that after we have the first gold master version.”

dragon maze 6

Below we have a 2 minute gameplay video showing some of the main mechanics of the game as they are in the current beta stage.

Special thanks to Feline Arts for taking the time to speak to us. For more on Dragon Maze head over to their facebook and tell’em Punk and Lizard sent you.


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