We first brought you news of Dragon Fin Soup last year, now the game comes free are part of Novembers PS Plus. Check out the trailer to see just what’s in store.

Ash Monif from Grimm Bross told PlayStation Blog:

Dragon Fin Soup is part roguelike and part classic console RPG, with a persistent world and story. It plays like a mix of Chocobo’s Dungeon and Secret of Mana, and it comes with two main gameplay modes. Story Mode focuses on storytelling, character progression, and plays more like a classic RPG, while Survival Mode plays more like a Roguelike and features permanent death.

Dragon Fin Soup is a turn-based game — not quite like Final Fantasy Tactics or XCOM, but more like Shiren or Chocobo Dungeon where foes take their turn simultaneously with the player, allowing for more dynamic and fast-paced gameplay.


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