Don’t Die Mr Robot is back with a completely remastered and rejeuvenated challenge for Nintendo Switch owners in Don’t Die Mr Robot-DX. This new version includes all new art from illustrator Kate Evans, a huge tonne of new acid house music from C303PO, and a big fat dollop of gameplay tweaks and improvements. Oh it’s also 78% more trippy than before!

Don’t Die Mr Robot-DX includes Remix Mode, Arcade Mode, Time Attack and Chill Out Mode. DDMR also features cameo appearances from some very special guests. Each one changes how the game plays dramatically.

If you’ve not played DDMR on PS4 or PS Vita then you’re in for a treat. Mr Robot is a fantastic arcade dodge ‘em up with bags of humour, punnets of charisma and satsuma nets full of fun. Hold on to your melons and enjoy one hell of an indie game.

Don’t Die Mr Robot-DX launches on Nintendo Switch on May 3rd. Go get it!