Indie game developer XMPT Games and publishing studio Mastertronic  announce fast-paced arena combat game, DiscStorm, comes
to PlayStation Vita.

Fast and furious arena-based combat game DiscStorm tests your mettle to the limit as you hurl flying discs that ricochet around the game’s arenas at break-neck speed in your quest to be the finest Disc Master around. Whether you’re lobbing them at an incoming pack of zombies or your best friend’s face, you’ll need split-second reactions to succeed.

Featuring a wealth of game modes to keep the challenges fresh, DiscStorm is a force to be reckoned with. Choose from classic first-to-ten brawls, tactical games of survival and the dreaded one-hit-kill “Death Disc” mode! Each arena brings its own unique play-style and enemies. Whether it be the laser-shooting Stone Golem in the jungle temple or the lava-spewing Fire Elemental of the volcano lair, exciting new challenges await you at every turn!

discstorm 2

Challenge your friends or foes at home or online with intense multiplayer deathmatches and set the leaderboards on fire! Or prove your skills as Disc Master in the single player adventure which will unlock new costumes for the quirky cast of characters, plus diverse environments which come with their own formidable enemies and epic boss fights!

DiscStorm blends ’90s nostalgia with modern elements. The soundtrack to your battles fuses modern dance trends with retro chiptunes, whilst the artwork blends classic pixel art with high fidelity graphics.

DiscStorm will launch on PlayStation Vita this summer.