The Netherlands based developer 2Awesome Studio shared some awesome news with us about their upcoming PS Vita game Dimension Drive recently.

Dimension Drive is a fast shoot’em up where you play 2 games at the same time! Dimension Drive has been developed to be played with gamepad or keyboard and can be played on PC, MAC, Linux and PS Vita.


Millennia ago, the Ashajuls conquered their universe thanks to warp drives that allowed them to travel instantly.

The universe is composed of infinite dimensions and now the Ashajuls want to conquer them all with a fleet equipped with dimension drives. The Fliegende is a legendary ship capable of performing warp and dimension jumps while being small enough for a single pilot. You are Jackeline Tywood, captain of the Fliegende.

Do you have what it takes to stop the Ashajul fleet from conquering your universe?



– Fast vertical shoot’em up.

– Play 2 games at the same time. No wasted space in widescreens.

– 2 game modes, arcade and modern. Play with shields in modern, 1 hit=1 live in arcade, do you have what it takes?

– Manage your weapon energy.

– Advanced scoring system. Obtain the best score in the leaderboards.

– Two player co-op mode.

Here is the early gameplay trailer:

For more info about Dimension Drive visit the website or follow 2awesome studio on twitter and tell ’em Punk and Lizard sent you.


Verocious is our contributor from The Hague and is an avid gamer since the day his father bought his first computer. He grew up playing games like Wolfenstein 3d, Duke Nukem and Tomb Raider. Although he loves all kinds of genres, he’s not really familiar with JRPG and Sports games. His favourite of all time is The Last of Us, and has a big love for Indie games.