Strap on that VR headset and find yourself at the scene of a murder as you delve into the dead man’s bizarre past to solve the riddle of his death and escape before you become the next victim.

Remember this is PlayStation VR so forget putting your hands over your eyes in this creepy mystery!

Dead Secret is a story-driven mystery thriller in which you play as an ambitious journalist on a mission to make headlines. To get the story you’ll have to comb the crime scene for clues and decipher the mystery of Bullard’s twisted past. Uncover secret documents, explore the dead man’s home, and piece together the puzzle to correctly name the killer. But keep your wits about you: Bullard took his secrets to the grave, and somebody wants them to stay there.

Dead Secret has long been a labor of love for indie developers Robot Invader, who have studied and admired great horror and mystery design for over ten years.

Dead Secret will arrive later this year on PlayStation VR, PS4, and PS3.