Evil Controllers welcomes the next generation of gaming hardware by releasing Custom Dualshock 4 Controllers for the PlayStation 4.

The new generation of gaming has arrived. Evil Controllers has announced custom PS 4 controllers. Evil Controllers is the industry leader of custom gaming hardware. The newly released Dualshock 4 controllers come straight from Sony, but have been modified externally with a custom shell.



As of today, custom Playstation 4 controllers will be available via www.EvilControllers.com with a starting price of $89.99. At the moment only custom PlayStation 4 controller shells are available with an assortment of Evil Controllers most popular designs, but they do not feature any gameplay enhancements.

“As a company started by gamers, for gamers, Evil Controllers is proud to offer custom options that allow your controller to truly become one-of-a-kind, “ Adam Coe, President of Evil Controllers explained, “We are excited to show the gaming community what we have in store for them in this new generation.”

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