Curve Digital is bringing Nate Schmold’s much-loved, procedurally-generate, naked space adventure Cosmochoria to PlayStation 4.

Cosmochoria puts you in the helmet of a naked spaceman whose mission it is to terraform a dead and derelict galaxy back to life. Battle waves of alien invaders, discover ancient artifacts, nurture planet vegetation to revive planets and uncover the secrets of the universe. Part hard-as-nails combat adventure, part relaxing space discovery expedition, Cosmochoria’s charm hides a unique challenge where no two galaxies are the same. The early quests will see players die frequently and often as hostile – but cute – alien species aggressively defend their territory. But before long, the universe’s quirky mechanics and deep upgrade systems will subtly begin to shift the balance of power more towards the player, extending voyages as players begin to nudge the far reaches of the galaxy.

Features Include:

Procedurally-generated galaxies so no one play through will ever be the same.
Hand drawn and crafted HD vector illustration style.
Thrilling interstellar alien and boss battles.
Fresh electronic soundtrack by Ilkae, Zebra and Mantrakid.
Single player, high score gameplay with vast cartoon space exploration.




Get set for this unique space adventure in 2016!

Source: Curve Digital