Our overall verdict "silver"

Corridor Z is an endless runner where zombies are on your tail. You control 3 survivors running for their lives after a zombie outbreak. Unfortunately for you, these zombies are not like traditional zombies. They’re not slow, mumbling blood suckers. In Mass Creation’s latest outing, the zombies are really fast, mumbling blood suckers. I was worried going into Corridor Z, because the zombie genre has been used so often over the last few years. Could Mass Creation offer a new take on the genre, or will Corridor Z end up sucking the life out of you?


Traditionally in an endless runner the idea is to keep moving – avoiding obstacles and hazards as you go. Here you have to use the obstacles to your advantage. The zombies seem to get faster and faster the more metres you cover, so you’ll need to throw nearby boxes in their path, pull down loose vents from the ceiling, use trip wires and so on. If they fail, you can shoot them as you’re running. For a head shot, the reward is bigger as you’ll down them instantly. But the risk is bigger too, as you need to let them get pretty close in order to execute a headshot properly. You’ll also have to concentrate on moving the right way because the halls change corners. Get your timing wrong and you’ll be zombie food. All of this is done on the touchscreen and I have to say, the swiping is incredibly precise. It’s not really a surprise as Mass Creation nailed touchscreen gameplay in one of their earlier games, the hack n’ slash fest Draw Slasher, but it’s still impressive all the same.


Your main objective here is to survive days. In order to make it to the end of a day, you have to complete 5 mini missions (or objectives). These range from challenges such as kill 5 zombies in one run to reaching a certain distance accumulatively. By completing days, you’ll earn rations. You also earn rations by logging onto the game daily, and by scoring well in each run. These rations are vitally important as they can be used to upgrade weapons and so on. Perhaps more importantly, they can give you a lifeline if you die, or enable you to equip weapons of set traps before you run.


This is also important as the 3 characters in the game (the pretty cliche Jock, Pom Pom Girl and Jarhead) have to be used individually. So if you get killed playing as the Jock, then he’ll need time to regenerate health. So you’ll then carry on another run with the Pom Pom Girl. It creates an interesting dynamic, because you literally have to wait in real time for your fellow survivors to recover, which genuinely adds to the feeling of trying to make it through each day. It’s these little touches like these that actually make Corridor Z differ from its counterparts. And while Corridor Z won’t blow you away in the way a game like The Last of Us might, that’s really not its intention. You sense that Mass Creation have instead set out to make a game that is really fun, really addictive and one that looks pretty good too. On all of those counts, it’s mission accomplished.

With its mixture of super fast zombies, rationing and a good story to boot, Corridor Z is not a game you should run away from.

Punk rating: 8/10


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