The side-scrolling action game Color Guardians today gets a massive update. It includes a new game mode option and tweaked features to assure a better gameplay experience.

Fair Play Labs have released the update which is a complete tune-up and includes a tweaked Final Boss fight, minor bug fixes and a new gameplay mode option.

Color Guardians fans may decide whether to play in Normal (new option) or Expert Mode. In Normal settings, the player will have a more casual gameplay experience, and they are able to switch modes at any level.

Update specifications:
* Normal / Expert mode: Color Guardian’s players can decide in which mode they prefer to play.

* More casual experience: Playing in the new Normal mode, players will encounter a more casual experience. There is always a challenge, but quite easier for those who just want to have fun.

* Boss fight tweaked: We heard our fans feedback about the Boss final fight so we improved it in order to meet their expectations.

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Source: Fair Play Labs