From a team that has worked on titles such as Project Gotham Racing, Blur and Geometry wars, Switchblade is an arena-based 5v5 vehicular shooter that combines high-octane combat with an ever-shifting array of strategic choices.

Lucid Games has announced that starting from today you can sign up for the closed beta. Interested? Hit the link to sign up.

About The Game

Seamlessly switch between heavily armed vehicles at any time to create endless tactical choices. Chase down a rival in a speedy fighter, then swap to a heavy-duty battlewagon to attack your competitor’s tower as your teammates switch between healers & artillery to back you up. Win battles, grab loot and create your own unique online superstar as you rise through the ranks of a spectacular e-sport championship.

Switchblade will be released as a Free-to-Play title on PS4 and PC in early 2018.