Gamesoft, a brand new Australian development studio based in Sydney, announces its debut game, Clockwork. An atmospheric 2D platform adventure, Clockwork promises a touching, melancholy narrative experience supported by challenging time-manipulation puzzles.

Clockwork is the story of Atto, a lonely mechanical boy in a great mechanical city. Atto lives amongst the factories that run day and night, fixing the machines and people that constantly break down. But then the trust pocketwatch he has owned for four hundred years suddenly wakes up, introduces itself as Milli, and gives him a quest. Milli says she can fix the city once and for all.

clockwork 3

clockwork 2

Clockwork began as a collaboration between artist Arianne Elliot and designer Adam Pinto who shared a love of games like Limbo and Braid, platformers with beautiful art, innovative puzzles and compelling stories. Together they imagined the steampunk world of Clockwork and eight months later with the help of an experienced development team they are ready to bring that world to life.

Planned for a digital release on PS4, PC, Xbox One and mobile platforms, Clockwork will launch later this year.

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