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There Came an Echo – Roadmap and Trophy Guide

Here we go again with another trophy guide. This time it's NelMaNo, with his first ever trophy guide. He is going to show you how to get a sh...
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Roughdawg4’s Bitter Smile Trophy Guide on PS Vita

Want to brush up on your Japanese and complete a super easy PS Vita game at the same time? Then here is the Bitter Smile trophy guide kindly give...
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Fort Defense – Game Guide

Fort Defense – Game Guide All hands ahoy, Vizewaldmeister comes with his first game guide and takes a look at Fort Defense, a tower defense ga...
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The Playroom – Review/Trophy Guide (PS4)

While scrolling through the menu on your PS4, it's literally impossible to not notice The Playroom. Pre installed on every PS4, it looks a lot of...
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Aabs Animals (Trophy Guide & Roadmap)

Punk here, this is my first Trophy Guide but I think I did OK. Here I will tell you how to get all the trophies in Aabs Animals, an Augmented Rea...
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Hotline Miami – Platinum help

Hotline Miami is hard. It’s brilliant, but it’s hard. Once you get the hang of things though you’ll realise it is an attainable Platinum. There a...
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Legends of War: Patton Trophy Guide

A huge thanks to Roughdawg4 for his trophy guide of Legends of War. The game is listed on the EU store as Legends of War, in the U.S it's called ...
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How to get 84 Silver trophies in 30 minutes on Sound Shapes

Sound Shapes is an amazing game. It's a platinum   that both me and Lizard hold and it's one to be proud of due to some punishing Death Mode leve...
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Tips on how to Platinum Guacamelee

About a week ago I got the Platinum for Guacamelee. A lot of the trophies are story based but some proved to be really difficult. A lot of our fr...
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