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7 Score

Sumioni: Demon Arts – Review (PS Vita)

It's a strange feeling starting a review for a game and still not knowing 100 per cent what your opinion on it is. Even as I write this I can't d...
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9 Score

Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath HD Review – (PS Vita)

Stranger's Wrath was originally released in 2005 on the Xbox and is now available on the PlayStation Store. Let’s take a look at Stranger on the ...
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7.5 Score

WRC3 – PS3 gaming in the palm of your hand? Let’s see

‘Bring the real WRC experience with you’….let’s hope so. Milestone’s WRC 3 smashes onto the PS Vita, so could this really be the handheld’s fi...
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2012 Vita games you should check out

Here is a list of some of the older PS Vita games that we think you should definitely check out. Forget the reviews you may have read on the net,...
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