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The Council – Episode 3: Ripples – Review (PS4)

If you've read our previous reviews of Episode 1 and 2, then you'll know that The Council has been impressing us no end with its intriguing story...
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Life is Strange: Before The Storm Episode 3 out Dec 20th

The final episode of Life is Strange: Before The Storm will release on Dec 20th. The prequel series has been superb so far, filling in some of th...
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FIFA 18 top of the charts

FIFA 18 is rather unsuprisingly still dominating the PS4 charts, while the superb Superhot VR dominates the VR chart. See the full list below: ...
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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition out Jan 2018

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is coming to all warriors around the world on 16th January, 2018! As the name suggests, this edition includes th...
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‘Only On PlayStation’ Sale starts today

Today the 'Only on PlayStation' sale starts on PSN. We all know how good some of Sony's exclusives can be, so whether it’s Horizon Zero Dawn, Nio...
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Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer

Get ready to meet Arthur Morgan. Rockstar Games have released a brand new trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 which sheds some light on the game's ...
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Unto The End bringing vengeance to PS4 in 2018

Digital Uppercut Productions and 2 Ton Studios are bringing Unto The End to PS4. The game is a brutal 2D combat-adventure game that charts a j...
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Knack 2 announced

Sony and SIE Japan Studio announced during the PlayStation Experience 2016 keynote today that Knack 2 is coming! You can expect new moves,...
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6.5 Score

Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival – Review (PS4)

One of my earliest gaming memories was Sensible Soccer. Man I loved that game. It's probably not how Dino Dini would want me to start this review...
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Loot Rascals announced for PS4

Loot Rascals, the new game from Hohokum’s co-creator, has been announced for PS4. Loot Rascals is a tale of friendship, loss and redemption in ou...
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