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Switch Galaxy Ultra out today in EU

The Official Switch Galaxy Ultra trailer for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita has been released. The futuristic racer  is out today on the Play...
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RESOGUN out today (EU)

It's now time to start saving the last humans again as RESOGUN comes to PS Vita today in the EU and 23rd in NA ($14.99).  Also if  you own RESOGU...
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Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee HD lands on Vita this week

Abe is back! Experience the classic game Munch’s Oddysee in high definition. Improved graphics and sound make for an even more thrilling ride!...
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Action 2D beat’em up Boss comes to Vita

Create and evolve the meanest (or funniest or coolest) princess-eating monster in this humorous frantic-action game and show it to the world! ...
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Rock Boshers DX on PS4 and PS Vita

Rock Boshers DX is an ultra retro 2D pixel arcade shooter adventure, displayed in glorious HD 1080p on PS4 and is also heading to PS Vita. Get...
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Flyhunter Origins out today

Developers Steel Wool Games and Ripstone publishing have announced today that their super-fly platformer Flyhunter Origins is landing on PS Vita ...
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Venom out now on Zen Pinball

Zen Studios, the developer and publisher of hit digital games like Zen Pinball 2 and CastleStorm, has revealed its latest pinball table based on ...
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Final Horizon out today on PS4 and PS Vita and free on PS plus

One game we have featured a lot here on P&L is intergalactic tower defence game Final Horizon. Today Eiconic Games tell us the game is set...
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Jetpack Joyride Deluxe

Fans of the critically acclaimed PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 title Jetpack Joyride can now enjoy some holiday cheer with the latest instal...
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Pocket RPG out now on PS Vita

Originally a mobile title, Pocket RPG from Tasty Poison Games is out not PlayStation Vita. There are no freemium hooks to be found in this third-...
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