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Minecraft on PS Vita and Playstation 4 latest news

Today the sharp eyed guys over at TVL found out the following news about when to expect to see Minecraft on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. In an anwe...
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Demon Gaze out on PS Vita

The dungeon crawler Demon Gaze comes out April 25th in Europe and on the 22nd in the US. If you're new to Demon Gaze, here's the premi...
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JRPG Tales of Hearts R coming to PS Vita

Tales of Hearts R has been confirmed for a Western release on PlayStation Vita and will launch in Europe and North America this winter. Check out...
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Jet Car Stunts new trailer and screens released (PS Vita)

Jet Car Stunts will be released around May time to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. A Next-gen version for PS4 is also planned. Here's the bra...
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Natsume bring Bust-a-Move 4 to PS Vita

Natsume Inc. is excited to announce the upcoming launch of their very popular title, Bust-a-Move 4, on the PlayStation Network store. The game wi...
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MechRunner smacks onto PS4 and PS Vita in July

Spark Plug Games bring MechRunner, a blistering high-speed mech battling action game to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita this July. MechRunner casts ...
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Borderlands 2 – new trailer on PlayStation Vita

First person shooter Borderlands 2 comes to PS Vita in May. For those of you new to the critically acclaimed shooting-and-looting mayhem of Borde...
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NAtURAL DOCtRINE to hit PS4, PS3, and PS Vita this Autumn

NIS America is proud to announce the acquisition of NAtURAL DOCtRINE for digital and physical release in the North American and European markets ...
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PlayStation Vita Pets release date

PlayStation Vita Pets comes to PS Vita and will be available on the 4th of June. Get all the latest news from UK based game developer Spir...
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mind 0

Mind Zero ready to invade you in May on PS Vita

Aksys Games is pleased to announce Mind Zero, a dungeon-crawler RPG for the PlayStation Vita from Acquire, will be available via digital and ship...
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