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Dungeon crawler, Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy gets a new release date on Vita

Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy is a sci-fi dungeon crawling RPG that takes place in near-future Tokyo and will be arriving exclusively on PS V...
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Badland coming to PlayStation

Badland is an award-winning side-scrolling action adventure game with innovative physics-based gameplay, deviously creative levels and stunning a...
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Severed coming to PS Vita

Drinkbox Studios’ follow up the excellent Guacamelee! with a new title called Severed! In Severed you play as a distraught warrior, who is los...
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Rainbow Skies – First video footage released this week

This week eastasiasoft have released the first video footage of Rainbow Skies. From the makers of Rainbow Moon comes Rainbow Skies, a new fant...
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Pier Solar HD coming to PS Vita

Today Watermelon, a development company dedicated to bringing you the best old school gaming, show their facebook followers what turned up at the...
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desert ashes

Desert Ashes – First gameplay footage on PS Vita

Here is the first look at Desert Ashes for PlayStation Vita, the upcoming free-to-play strategy title by Luc Bernard. The game includes 3 single ...
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Ray’s the Dead

Ray’s the Dead

Ragtag Studio is a Chicago based independent game development company co-founded in 2011 by long time friends and industry veterans Matt Carter a...
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Free to Play title Desert Ashes Announced for PS Vita

Turn based strategy title due this autumn. (more…)
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99 Bricks Wizard Academy hitting Vita

WeirdBeard Games have announced that 99 Bricks Wizard Academy is coming to the Vita! The game is "a magical physics tower building game. The tetr...
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Echoes : Deep-sea Exploration confirmed for PS Vita

Cheese Burgames has confirmed that Echoes : Deep-sea Exploration shall be coming to PS Vita. Echoes : Deep-sea Exploration is an explorati...
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