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Out of Ammo coming to PS VR

Out of Ammo puts players in the roles of general and grunt in the midst of heated battles intensified by the immersion of virtual reality. As gen...
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ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN PS VR gameplay trailer

ACE COMBAT 7 marks the franchise’s first outing on the PS4. Putting gamers in the cockpit of the most advanced war planes ever developed, ACE CO...
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FIFA 18 top of the charts

FIFA 18 is rather unsuprisingly still dominating the PS4 charts, while the superb Superhot VR dominates the VR chart. See the full list below: ...
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Perfect could be PS VR’s most relaxing VR experience

Perfect, could be the most relaxing virtual reality experience available on PlayStation VR. Releasing in the US on December 13th and in Europe on...
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Cavernous Wastes coming tomorrow to PS4 & PS VR

PouncingKitten Games release their exploration title Cavernous Wastes exclusively on PS4 & PSVR. With no memory of where you are and no id...
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VR Karts comes careering onto PS VR

The chequered flag has dropped as VR Karts has been released on PS VR. With kart racing being a hugely popular genre, this new VR experience coul...
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Dick Wilde takes aim on PS VR

Dick Wilde is one of the very first Aim controller launch titles (it can be played with Move controllers as well) and one of the more colourful a...
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Bloody Zombies announced for PS4 & PS VR

PlayStation Blog announce that Bloody Zombies, a brand new co-op brawler, is coming to PS4 and PlayStation VR later this year. In Bloody Zombi...
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Symphony of the Machine – Review (PSVR)

Blame it on the weather, man. Symphony of the Machine is a narrative-free, meditative, weather-bending, spatial puzzle game from Stirfire Stud...
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8 Score

Leave The Nest – Review (PSVR)

Flappy Bird has a lot to answer for! A few years ago Dong Nguyens’ devilishly addictive mobile app had millions of people around the world hooked...
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