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Pop Bugs Zap

Pop Bugs Zap buzzes onto PlayStation Mobile

Henchmen Interactive Inc announces the release of it's first title, Pop Bugs Zap. Pop Bugs Zap is an original, puzzle adventure and is fre...
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Origami Kami a top down, 3D puzzle boat game on Playstation Mobile

At P&L we like to cover the PS Mobile games that catch our eye, so here's Origami Kami. Senior students from the University of Utah’s Enterta...
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8 Score

Gunhouse – Review (PS Mobile)

When you load up a game called Gunhouse, it could go one of two ways. It could (a) be a house made of guns or (b) a gun made of houses. Luckily, ...
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Gunhouse is a game about making tiny blocks become bigger blocks so that you can make those bigger blocks become guns and special attacks, so you...
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7.5 Score

UFO Dad – Review (Playstation Mobile)

Don't you hate it when you're outside, cooking burgers in the dark and a UFO comes along and beams you, your family, and even your burgers up to ...
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8 Score

Life of Pixel – Review (PS Vita)

When the kind people over at Super Icon sent us retro platforming game Life of Pixel, I was hoping to be sent back in time. A time when games wer...
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