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Gothic themed action RPG Exorcism will take over your Vita!

Gothic themed action game Exorcism is coming to PS Vita! Russia based developer Slush Games shared some awesome information with me about thei...
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EU PlayStation Store Update – 20th August

Take a trip to Crimsonland today on PS Vita (read our review here). Not forgetting that Gravity Badgers also hurtles onto the handheld this week ...
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forgotten momories banner

In need of a horror fix? Then Forgotten Memories is for you

In need of a horror fix? Then Forgotten Memories is for you. Forgotten Memories is a third person survival horror game combining exploration, ref...
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NA PlayStation Store Update – 19th August

Today take a trip to Crimsonland on PS Vita ( read our review here) and also Gravity Badgers hurtle onto the handheld (read our review here). It'...
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the last tinker

The Last Tinker: City of Colours out now on PlayStation 4

The Last Tinker: City of Colours is a whimsical, colorful platformer which heads to PlayStation 4 today. The game is an action-adventure 3D platf...
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Freedom Wars release date announced

PS Vita exclusive Freedom Wars will launch in North America on Tuesday, October 28th. It will be available both as a digital download and at reta...
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New trailer for upcoming adventure game Toren on PS4

  Indie developer Swordtales, has released a new trailer for Toren, the upcoming dark fantasy adventure game that brings poetry to life i...
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99 Bricks Wizard Academy hitting Vita

WeirdBeard Games have announced that 99 Bricks Wizard Academy is coming to the Vita! The game is "a magical physics tower building game. The tetr...
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Vita’s Flame Over first video released

We really dig what the guys over at Laughing Jackal do. It was August last year that we first posted news on their amazingly titled Flame Over (w...
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forttogon ball

Forgotten Ball rolls out a £4,500 PS Vita stretchgoal

Forgotten Ball is 2.5D minimalist anthropomorphic platforming game, set within an isolated open cubic tower. The game is inspired by a love for t...
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