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Tinertia coming to PS4 later this year

Fueled with rocket-powered love, new indie studio Candescent Games, have primed their powder to ignite the dynamic action-platformer Tinertia thi...
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The Official Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer – “All Who Follow You” Revealed

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment today released the newest video for Batman: Arkham Knight. In the Official Batman:...
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broken age ps4 1

Broken Age releases this week on PlayStation 4 and Vita

Broken Age comes to you from the same team that made Grim Fandango back in the ’90s, along with some more youthful (and some say more attractive)...
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the legend of doodle

Pencils at the ready – The Legend Of Doodle now coming to PS4 as well as Vita

The Legend Of Doodle will be coming to PlayStation 4 as well as the previously-announced PlayStation Vita. It'll be cross-buy - buy it once, and ...
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Brawl out now on PlayStation 4

Bloober Team release Brawl, a new take on bomb-based action-arcade games. The game features dynamic gameplay and mixes it with grotesque horror-t...
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Gradius V on PlayStation 3

Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. today releases its classic shoot ‘em-up, Gradius V for PlayStation 3, via the PSN and priced at £7.99. Previ...
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Red Awakening gets a live action ‘Interrogation’ trailer

Red Awakening‘s gameplay is influenced by the likes of the original Thief, Manhunt, TimeSplitters 2 and Condemned: Criminal Origins, but with the...
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Dimension Drive 3

Dimension Drive blasts onto Kickstarter

The guys from 2Awesome Studio seek support on Kickstarter for their upcoming game Dimension Drive. Dimension Drive is a Shmup with a unique te...
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Ziggurat, the fast-paced FPS dungeon crawler out now on PS4

Ziggurat, the fast-paced FPS dungeon crawler, will be making its debut on PS4 today. The game carefully mixes first person shooting with p...
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PS4’s Infinity Runner leaps onto PS4

From the indie game studio behind Master Reboot and Soul Axiom comes a first-person sci-fi action running game, Infinity Runner. The Infinity ...
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