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Roughdawg4 looks at the world of RPG games

Have you ever wanted to submerge yourself into a game where 800 hours plus gaming is never enough? Where game saves are a rare occurrence but the...
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Top 5 rocking gaming soundtracks

Nowadays playing a game on a 5 inch or 42 inch (our Roughdawg4 favours the 50 inch) is not visually enough. The soundtrack is a crucial part of s...
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A Love Letter to The Walking Dead

If anybody was so loved up last year and missed this, here it is again...Punk's love letter to the Walking Dead... Sometimes a game comes alon...
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2012 Vita games you should check out

Here is a list of some of the older PS Vita games that we think you should definitely check out. Forget the reviews you may have read on the net,...
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Spy Hunter, the price of games and…Cheryl Cole?!

One that slipped through the Lizard's net: Sometimes gamers want a small slice of pleasure before the main course, so ladies and gentlemen.....
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Bagging PS Vita’s hardest and easiest platinum

Wipeout 2048 is considered one of the hardest games to platinum on the PS Vita and PlayStation All- Stars Battle Royale the easiest. We caught up...
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