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EGX Rezzed – Punk and Lizard’s PS4 and PS Vita Highlights

EGX Rezzed hit Birmingham’s NEC this weekend showcasing not only the latest Playstation 4 blockbusters, but also the onslaught of imminent PS Vit...
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Eiconic Games confirms Final Horizon has a Platinum trophy

Eiconic Games today confirm to us that Final Horizon shall contain a platinum trophy. David Pollard, CEO of Eiconic Games told us what to expe...
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Final Horizon – more exclusive artwork and screenshots released

Si, Art and Creative Director at Eiconic Games has kindly sent over a couple of screenshots of Final Horizon. The screens show added effects for ...
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11 Upcoming PS4 Indie Games You Need To Look Out For

So many great indies have come to the PS Vita this past year. Week after week we've had brilliant indie games to look forward to. That's why we'r...
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OlliOlli – our exclusive video showing gameplay and features

Incase you missed this, here's our OlliOlli exclusive from a few months ago: OlliOlli is coming 21st January for North and South America and 2...
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Total Recoil Character and Environment Concept Art

Eiconic Games release their character and environment concept art giving us some insight into how the design and drawings take shape, and finally...
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Punk and Lizard’s Christmas Blowout!

Welcome to Punk and Lizard's Christmas Blowout! It's been our first year running this site and it's been a truly awesome experience. We're not jo...
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Neon + Signs

We visit Roll7 HQ to play OlliOlli

It's no secret that we are very excited about the forthcoming 2D pixelated skateboarding Vita game OlliOlli. Last night in London, we got to hav...
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Punk and Lizard in OPC Magazine – Edition 6

It's always a really proud moment for us to have some features in the Playstation Community Magazine because it includes plenty of reviews and va...
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OlliOlli – Punk and Lizard quote used on official trailer!

The guys from Roll 7 have unleashed a brand new OlliOlli teaser trailer! It was a few months ago that we first started hearing about a 2D ...
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