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Aegis Defenders, pre-approved for PS4/PSVita is now on kickstarter

Studio Guts reveal their up coming game Aegis Defenders and share the first trailer and information about the game to us.  Their Kickstarter ...
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Rive – A 2D shooter / platformer revealed for the first time!

Dutch developer Two Tribes revealed their newest game Rive. Two Tribes report -"Announcing a new game is always a major event, but since it’s ...
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Tinertia – Preview

Do you like games like Hotline Miami and Demon Souls? Games in which you die a lot? Well Tinertia is the game for you! I featured Tinertia here a...
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Introducing OPC Magazine – Edition 8

OPC Magazine is out today and again sees a host of excellent reviews and features from the gaming community. You'll also see Blondlizard's review...
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upsaide 7

Upside-Down Dimensions – A magnificent paper world of hack ‘n’ slash

Spanish developer Hydra Interactive was really kind to give us a glimpse of their up coming game Upside-Down Dimensions. Be ready to slash your w...
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Karma. Incarnation 1 could certainly turn some heads on PlayStation 4

Russian developer Auralab has a Indiegogo campaign for their up coming game Karma. Incarnation 1 with a Playstation 4 strechgoal. Karma. Incar...
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VizionEck release the lastest news on their PS4 exclusive first-person shooter VizionEck

After the game featured on Playstation Blog, we got more information on what to expect in VizionEck. VizionEck is a competitive first-pers...
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dragon maze4

Dragon Maze – A truly magical 3D action adventure heading to PS Vita

Dragon Maze is a 3d/Action/Adventure/Platformer where the main focus is to bring back the "old school controller action".  A while a go we posted...
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Apocalypse Neighbors – Artillery dueling could be heading our way

Inspired by the dueling fun of Worms and the addictive physics of Angry Birds, Apocalypse Neighbors is a 2D Turn-based strategy game with artille...
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Blackhole – A release that would be perfect for PS4 and Vita

Blackhole is a platformer currently under development for PC/MAC/Linux. When I asked FiolaSoft Studio if they're going to release Blackhole on ...
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