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Pathologic – A creepy as hell open-world survival adventure coming to PS4

  Pathologic is open-world survival adventure game and is remake of a ruthless and critically acclaimed Russian survival adventure ga...
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final h

Update on Final Horizon – New screens and more

Today Eiconic Games give us an update on intergalactic tower defence game Final Horizon. Simon Credland shows the 'colour script' from screens...
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Heroes Never Lose – A hero themed action puzzler with a super-powered twist

  Osama Dorias from Heroes Never Lose shared some very awesome information with me about their upcoming game and made us an exclusive...
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adventures of pip

Evolve and devolve in this epic 2D side-scrolling adventure

Adventures of Pip by Tic Toc Games kickstarter has launched with a PlayStation strechgoal set at $60.000. You play as Pip, who despite the fac...
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Gamescom 2014 Special

Gamescom is every gamer's heaven but feels like hell at times. Gamescom is a Valhalla for gamers, game developers, publishers and cosplayers. ...
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Gamescom Round Up

Wow. It was an eventful day at Gamescom yesterday as you'd expect, with both Xbox and Playstation giving their presentations. The first bombshell...
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station banner

Station – A non-linear 90′s style adventure gets a PS4/Vita stretch goal

Prepare to go deep in Station, a non-linear 90's style adventure with a PS4 and PS Vita stretch goal. Station is a non-linear pixel-art adventure...
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Gunblocks might give the Vita some love in 2015

Developer Cookie Engine released some very crunchy information with me about their upcoming game GunBlocks. GunBlocks, is a round-based-platfo...
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Comatose – Insanity might be coming to your PS4

Animal Kingdom is a small indie game company that is currently developing their first game, Comatose. Comatose is an adventure horror game tha...
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Win a PS Vita and a copy of The Swapper!

The competition has now concluded! Congratulations to @BOBVenom for winning, you'll be receiving an e mail very soon. Many thanks to everyone who...
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