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Soft Body coming May 17 to PS4, Vita version still in the works

Soft Body is an action-puzzle game set in a meditative, musical world. Inspired by the simplicity and joy of twin-stick shooters and other arcade...
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Supernatural thriller OXENFREE hits May 31

OXENFREE is a mind-bending supernatural thriller about a group of friends who open a ghostly rift. In OXENFREE, you play as as Alex, a bright, re...
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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Mirror’s Edge was first introduced in 2008 and fans quickly elevated the game’s heroine “Faith” into a videogame icon. Gamers and critics wor...
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MilitAnt marches onto PS Vita and PS4 this Spring

MilitAnt is a side-scrolling platform/shooter set in a world ruled by insects. MilitAnt places players into the do or die world of insects, w...
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PS4 mini collection Perfect Universe coming May 17th

Perfect Universe is a collection of mini-games that span a range of genres including platforming, racing, volleyball and football set in a monoch...
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Become the drift master in Absolute Drift: Zen Edition coming this summer

Absolute Drift: Zen Edition for PS4 a collaboration between Flippfly and Funselektor Labs. The game is all about becoming a master at the art of ...
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Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness hits this September

Psycho-Pass originally began as an anime television series, airing in Japan in 2014. The anime received critical praise and quickly made its ...
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Laser Disco Defenders struts its stuff to PS Vita in July

Twin-stick shooter Laser Disco Defenders is inspired by the science fiction and music of the late ’70s and is set to land on the Vita in July. Th...
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THE BUNKER – A terrifying psychological thriller

THE BUNKER is a terrifying psychological thriller about the last remaining survivor trapped down a nuclear bunker. The game is a live-action ...
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Daydreamer: Awakened Edition brings its nightmares soon to PS4

Daydreamer: Awakened Edition is a game where you wake up into a nightmare filled with malicious aliens, grotesque mutants, emotionless robots...
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