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A Bastard’s Tale coming to PS4 first week of October

A Bastard’s tale, currently with a “Very Positive” rating on STEAM is finally coming to PS4 on the 4th October (North America) and 5th of October...
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Dead Synchronicity coming to PS4 October 4th

The multi-award winning 2D graphic adventure Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today is coming on October 4th. Fictiorama Studios and publis...
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Windlands swinging into launch on October 13th

Windlands, from Psytec Games Ltd, is first person grappling hook PSVR exploration game. You'll get to soar, swing and jump through the ruins of a...
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Aragami sneaking onto PS4 October 4th

Back in April we featured the stylish stealth ’em up Aragami, now Lince Works confirm the game is heading to PS4 on October 4th. Inspired by the ...
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Manual Samuel arrives on PS4 in October

Manual Samuel is a ridiculous adventure unlike anything you’ve ever played before. The game challenges players to guide the titular hero through ...
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Wheels of Aurelia rolling onto PS4

Today, Pietro from Santa Ragione announced their first title on PS4, the upcoming narrative-driving game Wheels of Aurelia. WoA is an inte...
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Feist on its way to PS4

Feist is a multi-award winning, beautifully handcrafted action game from Bits & Beasts that is making the jump from PC to PS4. Adopting a sim...
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100ft Robot Golf launching October 10th

100ft Robot Golf is a real time golf game where you get to control impossibly large robots on their quest for par. Never get your ball stuck behi...
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Ride 2 hits the track October 7th

Let's get this straight: 174 bikes, including 16 modifiable models which spawn 16 new race models, arriving at grand total of 190 bikes! We h...
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Jazzpunk: Director’s Cut out very soon

If you grew up on a staple diet of spoof comedy movies such as Naked Gun, Airplane! and Hot Shots then have we got some seriously good news for y...
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