I’ve had the pleasure to talk with Max Hall from Cantina Games about his upcoming PS Vita game Outpost 13.  The game is heading to PC and Max tells me he wants to release Outpost 13 on Vita as well.

Outpost 13 is a point and click adventure strategy game where you, a monster, must escape an icy planet. A tribute to science fiction.

The Game:
Outpost 13 is a point-and-click action-adventure strategy game that takes place at an outpost on the planet Achelous IV.

You, the player, plays as a dog named “Fen” who comes into contact with an alien biological agent that bonds the dog/player with an alien life form who calls himself “Tantalus.”The player’s objective is to leave Achelous and make it to the nearest spaceport by inducing enough fear into the stationed crew members that they abandon their 5 yearlong mission on Achelous and leave early.

You’re the Monster:
Player’s will take on the role of an alien monster strategically killing off crew members while maintaining their cover as “Fen” the crew’s pet dog. Enjoy barking, growling, and biting crew members!

Stealth, Strategy, and a Fiery Death:
Player’s will need to form a strategy to separate and alienate crew members by creating distractions, utilizing the ventilation system, and temporarily knocking out the outpost’s power. If player’s are unable to maintain their cover and stealth, or is discovered as the monster, the crew will respond with flamethrower’s and you will be destroyed by fire.

outpost 1

Character Progression:
As player’s make progress via objective progression and killing crew members, new abilities and ability improvements for Fen & Tantalus will be unlocked. Some ability improvements include better sabotaging skills, poisoning medical supplies, and creating better distractions.

Alien Planet Setting:
Outpost 13 takes place on Achelous IV, a life viable planet several times larger than earth. Winters and summers last several years each, and it is currently 13 earth months into winter on Achelous.

outpost 2Here’s more about Outpost 13 in my interview with Max Hall.

Hi Max, can you tell us something about Cantina Games?

Absolutely! Cantina Games is me, Max Hall, and depending on the project, Stephen Rodack, and Nathan Burgos. Both of them have done a project with me (individually) in the past and I’m long-time friends with both of them. Cantina Games is an independent developer specializing in media entertainment and games for mobile, PC, Mac, and Console. Outpost 13 is our newest title and I’m actually the sole developer on this project.

What excites you the most about the game?

Figuring out how to kill the crew members without getting caught, it’s therapeutic (ha ha).

Can you tell us why you want to release Outpost 13 on Vita?

Vita’s a great fit with its touch controls and Outpost 13 handles well with controller support as well.

What inspired you to make this game?

The lack of games where I get to play as the monster and cult classic sic-fi horror films and media from the 80s and 90s.

Anything else you would like to add?

Outpost 13 is entering its last week of its Kickstarter campaign, so go pledge $1 at the very least to help see this game made, and to secure you’re Dr. Meow Meow Jones DLC!

Thank you for your time Max.

Absolutely, no problem Verocious!


Check out the Alpha gameplay trailer below to get a feel of what to expect:

We like the idea of being men’s best friend an at the same time his worst enemy and are very excided to see the game released on Vita. For more info check out the kickstarter page or follow Cantina Games on twitter.



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