The year is somewhere between 1920 and 1930. A multitude of greys splash resolutely against a European skyline. Down below, the streetlights cast long burdened shadows, illuminating a fuzz that rises from the floor with particular weariness. Vertically cut through, the surrounding architecture describes a historical, inter-war urban environment, inseparably woven with modernist prosperity and a wealth you aim to steal…

Welcome to Calvino Noir, a stylish looking stealth adventure game coming very soon to PlayStation 4.

Although inspired by the futuristic dystopian visions of Deus Ex and Blade Runner, Calvino Noir is a throwback to an era that could easily be from Earth’s past. The game is heavily noir influenced, but at the same time progressive, reflecting a somewhat modernist take on the classic genre.

Features Include:
◾Solve varied puzzles by using a mixture of playing styles including concealment, sneaking and distraction.
◾Beautiful 1930s architecture.
◾Engaging noir-esque episodic narrative that blends seamlessly with the visual aesthetics.
◾Bespoke environments present a wealth of options to explore.

Developers Calvino Noir Ltd are based in Leamington Spa, UK and bring their adventure to PS4  August 25th (NA), and the 27th in EU their website reports.

Our review is on the way!


Source: Calvino Noir Ltd