Our overall verdict "bronze"

Imagine Breakout with the simplistic beauty of Sound Shapes, throw in a handful of different firing power, some addictive game play and you just about have BreakQuest Extra Evolution. Not forgetting the whole other heaps of twists and turns along the way, which make for a rather nice, free PS Vita title.


The basics you all know – keep the ball bouncing around the screen for as long as possible in order to knock away obstacles. Thankfully though, Beatshapers have turned this genre into something special for us. The simple idea of bat and ball has been turned on its head here. You start with 30 balls (more can be purchased from the store for peanuts) for the 100 level marathon of block smashing mayhem. Also one secret area and ten bosses await you. Multi balls, power ups, power downs, ball modifiers and missiles all rain down hoping to be picked up, whilst at the same time you’re concentrating on keeping your precious ball aloft.


Sometimes your brick breaker ball does not need too much interference from you as it glides and bounces off every conceivable platform and object. Sometimes so much that it gives you enough time to run and put the kettle on before it falls back down to earth. However, here is where the skill and luck come, because you can attract the ball towards base or to specific blocks with The Gravitor. Clever eh? 500 balls EU PS Vita only KQ4F-M7N9-JLGA >> MQER-9JNN-46EM >> 3GJK-R3N4-E6M6>>

Energy shields and your arsenal of weapons will make for a speedy end of level. Then when completed, new levels open up. Automatic gun, seeker missiles, and spread guns mix up the gameplay and help blast that last block away hiding in the top right corner.


BreakQuest Extra Evolution is not only free but comes with trophies and scoreboards too. Furthermore, you won’t need to keep spending your money on purchasing too many balls to progress either. It’s win win, lose a ball here!

Inventive, colourful and accompanied with the most atmospheric electronic sound track to date, Breakout evolved, broke out, rocketed through a time tunnel and morphed into BreakQuest Extra Evolution. Download it now.


Lizard rating  7.5/10

Developer/Publisher Beatshapers