Thanks to our great twitter buddy Redfield70x7, we bring you news about Border: Remembrance kickstarter which has a PS4 and Vita stretch goal. In the meantime Fallen Valkyrie Studio have just confirmed to us that Border: Remembrance shall be definitely coming to PS4 and PS Vita.

Border: Remembrance is a fast paced, high difficulty Metroidvania game, in the spirit of Castlevania games mixed with Dark/Demon souls. The pixel art visual style delivers a weird and twisted tale of a world’s last 3 weeks.

border 2


At the beginning of the game, you, the player, trigger a terrible explosion on the moon. This will cause 35% of the moon’s mass to break apart and begin its 3 week long journey toward the earth. This means the end of all complex life on the planet for good.

The story focuses on 3 characters form the Aesir project who can be considered a new race of humans. They have everlasting youth and possess bodies more resilient than those of normal humans. These Demigods will set out on a journey to form what are known as the Mana Stones, fuse them with as many souls as they can and find a new world to plant these souls after the destruction. But as this cataclysm waiting for the world is absolutely undeniable, the people of this world will have a hard time dealing with the concept of certain doom.

border 3

You will visit the two great kingdoms of man who are at each other’s throats, each blaming the other for the destruction of the moon. Uncover the remains of the Demon Palace, where a once great soul was sealed away. Enter and marvel at the nation of Artificial Intelligences built for themselves. Delve deep into the cosmic chaos of the Sunken Capital. And witness a pointless war just before the end of the world. Your journey will deal with themes of absolute certain loss, cosmic insignificance, and how the different cultures reflect on their actions near the end of everything they know. By the end you might even uncover why the destruction was triggered, and expose a great mystery.

border 4


– A grand misery.

– Nonlinear storytelling.

– Multiple endings.

– Countless secrets.

– Architectural level design.

– Alternative routes, shortcuts.

– Different characters have entirely different routes for the same level.

– Up to 20 different weapons and spells for each character.

– Destructible environments; burn, blow and slash your way through obstacles. Who needs keys when you have a rocket launcher?

– No tiles. Each level is hand drawn.

– A mixed technology setting; swords meeting magic and space age technology.

– Themes inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

Here’s a very rough gameplay demo build video for a better look at the game.

The PS4 and Vita stretch goals are set at £10.000. You can visit the kickstarter page here or follow Fallen Valkyrie Studio on twitter.


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