If you’re a shoot ‘em up fan then you may want to check out this new shooter that is ready to launch on PS4 today. Here’s what’s coming our way.

A long time ago, a war wrecked the world, leaving only islands, floating in the sky thanks to the strength of mysterious crystals. Life went back to its course, forgetting that bitter past. A millennium later, a strange woman attacked the city of Scire, putting an end to this fragile balance.

You play as June, a soldier struggling to defend her island against the evil threat. Her decisions will prove crucial for the outcome of this world in ruins. Weapons include Plasma Whip, Thunder Lock, and the Warp Launcher.

Different play modes include Arcade, Free run, One Shot One Kill and over 30 challenges to accomplish. You can shoot away solo or in co-op mode across 5 levles.

Boiling Bolt will be released today on PS4 for £7.59. Sounds good to us!