Blue Collar Astronaut stars you, a working class space pilot who has found themselves buried in student loan debt. This wacky game is a physics based space flight experience with hand drawn 2D art from Maki Naro. You need to find work as a pizza delivery pilot or a space trucker, in this intriguing arcade game developed by Mutated Software. There are multiple game modes, from Time Attack, where you collect tokens to keep the clock from running out, Free Mode which lets you fly around and destroy things at your leisure, and Health mode where scoring is focused on keeping your ship in pristine condition.

Blue-Collar Astronaut features 40+ diverse levels utilizing 3 space ships. The game comes to PS4, PS Vita and PS3 with 43 trophies and a Platinum too. Sounds interesting? Check it out below.

Blue Collar Astronaut takes flight onto the North American PSN tomorrow. Enjoy the ride!