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Cotton tails at the ready, folks, because poor Bang Bang Bunny needs your help to defend his burrow. Evil bunnies are invading and the only way to defeat them is to smash them in the face with a cabbage. Blast ‘Em Bunnies is a fun and colourful endless shooter, and with cross buy and cross save features, both your PS4 and your PS Vita will soon be overrun with rampant and riled rabbits.

I was joking about the cabbage, but rabbit-related weapons do form a huge part of this game. At the start you will be equipped with a carrot rifle, carrot ammo and some coins to get you going. It’s a moderate weapon, fairly slow firing, and you could be forgiven for wondering if this game could be rather hard work. Have you ever tried murdering someone with a carrot? Okay, I have, but it wasn’t very successful – probably shouldn’t have cooked it first. Bang Bang Bunny sits in the middle of the action on a rotating platform. Spin the full 360 degrees and fire your vegetable at the approaching evil bunnies. If you can hit them, they’ll explode into a pile of coins which you will also need to shoot to collect. Take these coins to the shop after a few sessions and you’ll be able to upgrade your weapon. For me, gaining access to the heat-seeking turnip was a game changer. Pinpoint accuracy no longer required. You don’t need to wait until you can see the pinks of their noses before you fire. Let the coins start rolling in.


There’s a whole vegetable patch full of weapons up for grabs if you’ve got the coin, and in addition to that each weapon has multiple ammo types you can buy and equip. For example the carrot rifle can be equipped with sweet potato pellets that allow for a wide spread but with small potato chunk bullets, like a shotgun, I suppose. You can also add barrels and increase rate of fire. Or perhaps you’d prefer the Watermelon Machine gun with its already rapid rate of fire? Upgrade this bad boy with sticky raspberries that attach to your enemies and explode. Add up to six barrels to this one once you unlock them. Completionists will want to work hard to unlock everything and try out all the different weapons. Personally I got rather attached to my parsnip, as you do, but to mix things up bonus blocks will appear alongside your piles of coins. Shoot these to get a quick blast with different ammo types.

As well as the numerous weapon choices, you will also face numerous bunnies. There are many different types just waiting to Elmer Fudd you. There are Grenadiers that throw turnips at you, Runners who run diagonally at you, Blockers with shields, flying rabbits, big bouncer doorman-type rabbits and the odd boss or two. Each bunny will need a slightly different tactic and the fun really begins when the screen fills up with multiple types. Just don’t forget about the airborne attacks – no one wants a turnip in the eye.

Blast ‘Em Bunnies is available to buy as a complete standalone game, but if you’re looking for cosmetic extras such as different arenas and bunny types (ZOMBIE BUNNIES!), or shortcut extras to either unlock everything or get there faster with multiplyers there is DLC that can be bought separately or as one big bundle. The choice is obviously yours and the base game is nice and cheap.


As endless shooters go, Blast ‘Em Bunnies is pretty damn cute. Bugs Bunny himself would be proud. While your initial weapon feels a little ineffective, the weapon upgrades do seriously change everything. What at first feels a little bit flat then becomes a lot of fun. There are lots of missions to complete that will earn you extra coins and many in-game medals that will swell your chest with pride once earned. It’s a pretty game, with bright colours and it’s reasonably safe for children to play if you cover their eyes when the Throatslitter threatens to dice up a baby bunny. The soundtrack is great and nicely jolly with not even a hint of Bright Eyes.

Of course, Blast ‘Em Bunnies looks very nice on the PS4, but it’s the sort of game that screams out for a portable version and it’s a near perfect fit for the Vita. While it isn’t perhaps the sort of game you’d generally spend hours and hours continually thrashing, it’s ideal for a blast on the bus. The cross save function works a treat so if you do end up thrashing in the evenings and blasting on the buses and your life becomes overrun with evil yet strangely cute bunnies, just blame the developer.


I wouldn’t call Blast ‘Em Bunnies a serious shooter. It’s more cross hares than crosshairs. Fire some watermelon seeds, pump some Swedes and chuck a few pumpkins. This is a cute little game that fits the Vita really well and also looks great on the PS4. While it might not hold your attention for too long, it does have some nice fun features and is certainly worth a quick blast or three.

S J Hollis Rating – 7/10








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S J Hollis

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