Want to bag an easy 100% PSN title? Then Blade Ballet is for you, it’s a super quick game to complete and a fun one too. Roughdawg4 has kindly shared his trophy guide showing you exactly how to complete Blade Ballet without any cuts or bruises.

Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10
Offline: 14 ( 1 : gold 2 : silver 11 : bronze )
Online: N/A
Approximate time: 30 minutes
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A
Does Difficulty affect achievements: N/A
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Cheats: None
Extra Equipment: You need 2 PS4 controllers



Impeccably Ordinary :Bronze bronze
Win a match as Nix

See CareCOMM’s Finest :Bronze bronze


Cyclone of Death :Bronze bronze
Win a match as Torque

See CareCOMM’s Finest :Bronze bronze


Peerless Lancer :Bronze bronze
Win a match as Vanguard

See CareCOMM’s Finest :Bronze bronze


Ferocious Feline :Bronze bronze
Win a match as Catbot

See CareCOMM’s Finest :Bronze bronze


Situation Under Control :Bronze bronze
Win a match as Riot

See CareCOMM’s Finest :Bronze bronze


GET REKT! :Bronze bronze
Win a match as Ruckus

See CareCOMM’s Finest :Bronze bronze


Self Destructive Tendencies :Bronze bronze
Win a match as Trigger

See CareCOMM’s Finest :Bronze bronze


Master Vampire :Bronze bronze
Win a match as Syphon

See CareCOMM’s Finest :Bronze bronze


Circuit Shatterer :Bronze bronze
Win a match as Drop Jaw

See CareCOMM’s Finest :Bronze bronze


Conscientious Objector :Gold gold
Win a round without killing anyone

See CareCOMM’s Finest :Bronze bronze


CareCOMM’s Finest :Bronze bronze
Win a match as Steve

You can get a majority of the trophies by playing stock mode and playing and winning as each character. Make sure your main account wins to get the trophies. If you win without killing your opponent you will also get Conscientious Objector : gold . You can easily do this by having your opponent walk off the map.

Play a stock game
Required Wins: 1
Lives: 1
Play as all 10 characters to get each win trophy


Breacher :Bronze bronze
Kill Riot while she has all of her shields

See Sniped! :Silver silver


Sniped! :Silver silver
Kill a player by charging across the level

You can combine both this trophy and Breacher : bronze in one action. Setup a game with the following settings:

Stock Game
Required Wins: 5
Lives: 1
Play as: Catbot
Opponent: Riot

The Wins are set as five in case you do not get a favorable map. If you do not get one, walk off the edge and go to the next one. Once you get a nice map line up Catbot to attack Riot using the : l1 and : r1 buttons. Once you are on target and at a far distance, hold down : circle and let go after a few seconds to charge your opponent. If she dies and you are far enough, both trophies will pop.


9 Lives :Silver silver
Cheat death with an invulnerability capsule

Setup a game with the following settings

Stock Game
Required Wins: 5
Lives: 1
Play as: Catbot
Opponent: Catbot

The level you are looking for is Aero Meadows. At the middle of the stage is a capsule regeneration point. Once you get this stage, take your main controller and sit it on top of the regeneration point.

Now with your second controller, line up a shot and get ready to kill him. Once your main account gets the yellow capsule, it will give you Invulnerability. Once this happens try to kill your main account by holding : circle and letting go to do the special attack. If your shield is still up, you will not die and the trophy will pop.


Many thanks to Roughdawg4 for sharing the Blade Ballet trophy guide, we’ll have more guides coming soon! Don’t forget to check out his site over at It’s a trophy hunters dream!