Our overall verdict "gold"

Blackwood Crossing is a story driven adventure where childlike wonder mixes with the supernatural, and I’m going to tell you now, straight off the bat – it’s hard to recall a game that mixes beauty with darkness so effectively. Make no mistake, Blackwood Crossing is a beautiful juxtaposition that you absolutely should play. Without spoilers, I’ll try and put in to words why I think PaperSeven’s latest is so extraordinary.

You star as Scarlett, and you and your younger brother Finn are the main characters. Scarlett is growing up and Finn is becoming more and more angry towards her as she seems to be, albeit unintentionally, leaving him behind. Dialogue in the game is used in a really effective way. People from Scarlett and Finn’s lives appear throughout, but almost like ghosts. It’s like they are not in the present. Instead they wear animal face masks and to proceed you have to trigger quotes from them in a specific order. It sounds bizarre but it’s actually really…bizarre. Boy oh boy does it work though. As you progress, it’s these relationships that help you decipher what might have happened in the past and what is going on in the present. A story of life, love and loss pokes through the cracks and the mixture of Blackwood Crossing‘s visuals, majestic music and enchanting story make this a really special game.

The game itself is short, clocking in at around 2 hours, but it says in 2 hours what a lot of games couldn’t say in 10. Story wise, I don’t want to go into anymore details for risk of spoiling, but there are some other added perks thrown in in the form of a great trophy list. If following a guide, you’ll wrap up the Platinum in just over an hour. But I’d highly recommend playing the game first naturally, as intended, and then revisiting Blackwood Crossing after you’ve taken it all in to fill your trophy cabinet.

Blackwood Crossing is a sublime reminder of how enchanting games can be, and a moving, emotional wonderland that should be in everyone’s PS4 library.

Punk rating: 9/10


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