Blackhole is a platformer currently under development for PC/MAC/Linux. When I asked FiolaSoft Studio if they’re going to release Blackhole on PS4/PS Vita in the future, they replied by telling me that they have plans to bring the game to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, but they are focusing on the PC/MAC/Linux releases first.

About the game:

It’s the year 2121 and planet Earth is endangered by black holes. You’re one of the crew set on an ultimate mission: to eliminate and completely erase these black holes. One day the astronauts encounter a black hole so massive that they are not able to avoid it by any means and their whole ship is sucked into it. The main goal of the game is to collect nanobots which are capable of repairing the spaceship and save all the team members. It’s about precision, timing and logical thinking. Additionally, our studio is making game script together with foreign YouTubers. In English version of the game will perform an actress Kira Buckland and an independent composer and musician Blake Swift (both of them featured also in Dust: An Elysian Tail).


Explore colorful caves, a long lost ancient city, feel the freezing winds of the mountains and don’t be afraid to go through the terrifying jungle. Find a way to collect every single Selfburn, avoid lethal obstacles, master your movement and get a 100% score in all of the levels! This is a perfect arcade for hardcore gamers and for those who wish to try some brand new, fresh adventure!

Here are some screenshots, artwork and a great youtube video showing you what to expect from the game.

blackout 11

blackhole 22


The game is in Alpha at the moment and we’ll keep you posted on future updates about Blackhole.

Follow @blackholegame for updates on twitter or visit the website :

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