With the help of Big Dave and your trusty crew of roadies, in BigFest you design, build and manage the ultimate music festival, from a small field with 20 guests slow clapping, all the way up to multi-day, multi-stage, mega festivals.

Whether it’s breaking up fights, repairing the stage, ejecting streakers, right down to good speaker placement… you’re in charge of the proceedings.It’s up to you to keep the crowd happy… great music, the best food, and good facilities will see the festival vibe increase – and when the vibe is good you will know.

The crowd is your feedback- the bigger and happier the crowd – the more you earn allowing you to grow and expand your festival. How you choose to customize your festival is up to you – from Rock to Hip Hop, Death Metal to Country.

BigFest has music for everyone, and as you customize you will see the crowd’s tastes change. Visit your friends and check out their festivals and acts – rate them, help them out, even sabotage and poach acts for yourself.

Most importantly – BigFest is about music. The Discovery and promotion of real unsigned bands – you choose who performs at your festival, on your stage -you decide where in the set list. Play them as your support act, or are you going to promote them as the headliner? The bigger your venue – the more effective as a promoter you become.

Be the best – draw the crowd, break those bands – and you are on your way to becoming the world’s greatest promoter!

KEY FEATURES:· Your music your way – Discover and promote real unsigned bands in a videogame by playing the kind of music that you want to hear on your stage- playing bands at good festivals will help them climb the charts!·

Reactive Crowd – The Crowd grows and surges dynamically to how you play the game. You will know when you’re doing the right things because the crowd will tell you. Will they boo and walk away or roar for an encore!·

Theme your Festival – Express your musical taste in your very own themed festival – unlock new content, collectables, and special themed items to dress your festival in your own unique way .·

Community – Social is at the heart of BigFest – call upon your friends to help you complete tasks-share music recommendations. Visit, assist, and rate each other’s festivals and headline acts- earn unlock able items, share bonuses, even prank each other…

BigFest is out today on PS Vita costing £7.99/€9.99/AU$14.95