Dutch developer Domino99 Designs and Tokki Software colaborated to create Beyond-Human, a Metroidvania Sci-Fi platformer inspired by games like Metroid, Megaman and Devil May Cry. The developer has a kickstarter running at the moment and included the PS4 and Vita in the main funding goal. The game will also support cross-buy!

beyond human 1

About the game:

Beyond-Human is a combination of platformer and hack & slash inspired by Metroid, Megaman, and Devil May Cry. Beyond-Human builds upon the classic open-world Metroidvania style by mixing a deep hack and slash combat system, exploration, and 16-bit pixel art.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world following a devastating alien invasion. Players will take control of Adam, a silent protagonist that wakes up in the year 2099 from a coma and suffers from amnesia. What happened to create this chaos? Who is Adam? The story revolves around solving these mysteries in a world where alien conspiracies have become reality.

The combat is inspired by an exciting mix of the Metroid and Devil May Cry franchises. The combat may feel similar to people that have enjoyed Guacamelee also. Melee combat is all about performing combos that are easy to do but hard to master. You wil also unlock new weapons by defeating bosses and mini bosses to improve your arsenal.

beyond human 2

Take a quick look at the game in the video below:


• Metroidvania Style Progression
• New Game+ (More Unlockables)
• 6 Locations to Explore
• 8 Boss Battles
• 20+ Mini-Boss Battles
• 40+ Unlockable Gun Modes/Melee Moves

beyond human 3

For more info about the game visit the kickstarter page or follow the developer on twitter.


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