We all have one, I certainly do. One that I’ve built up myself through various PSN sales over the years, along with the PS+ titles we’ve gotten and although a lot of very good titles have came out at the start of the 2016 gaming year that I wanted to play, I decided to try clear some of the games in my backlog that have been there for quite some time while also hoping some of those releases would either come down in price or go on a sale. First up was:


Demon’s Souls:

This was one of the main reasons I re-started the long battle with the backlog demon and also the part of valiant crusade that gave me its most fiercest struggles.

It all started with the new Bloodborne DLC. Bloodborne is my favourite PS4 game and it was my 100th Platinum. When I earned the platinum on it, I got hooked into the “Soulsborne” style of gameplay and wanted to play the previous entires so I made my way backwards through the series. First Dark Souls II on PS4, Dark Souls on PC and then finally onto Demons Souls on PS3.

Demon’s Souls originally launched on PS3 in Feb 2009 so that would just make it over 7 years old. Having played a lot of early PS3 games recently, sometimes their age can show through the controls or gameplay and it’s really your nostalgic feelings towards the game that would drive you to completing it. You can see how a developer might have used the game as the base platform to expand upon a series for future sequels.

Demons Souls is not this, at least time it didn’t feel as an introduction to the series or any sort of bare beginning. Instead I found it to be an extremely well crafted title playing a solid experience despite its age. The gameplay and level design are the typical outstanding hallmarks the Souls game are known for but personally, I found the worlds to be much more enjoyable to die in & to discover my pain tolerance limits than with the other Dark Souls Games and it would be second on my list of the best in the series.

Demons also has a lot of unique features that aren’t found in any other Souls game. The Character and World tendencies (in my opinion the hardest conception you’ve to learn & manage in Demon’s) change the world and gameplay occurring to some of your choices or if you’re character is in full body form or not. When I say choices, I mean not killing NPC’s for a quest line or choosing to kill the Black Phantoms in the world to boost the tendency toward either pure white or pure black.I went for platinum on it and succeeded! The platinum is quite tough as it requires an insane amount of grinding for materials (made easier with the item dupe glitch) but you still have to earn at least 1 of that material to dupe it and I spent 8 hours alone grinding for the dreaded Pure Bladestone, had good luck with the other stones but a guide is highly recommend.

Demons never felt like a bare Souls game used to expand upon the series or an intro to me. Instead I felt it was unique Souls experience that was a joy to replay.



I did everything back on the PS3 version and bought the PS4 on the day of release. Luckily the online trophies all popped up automatically (Thus saving lots of hours grinding on that front) but I still needed to do all the Single Player content all over again, which still took me 60+ hours as the game’s content is massive. Since I had already completed it on PS3 is the reason this game is being mentioned now in the backlog.

The PS4 version fortunately is a massive technical upgrade of the PS3 version and it makes the game and city of San Andreas feel much more alive and being a big fan of the series, I really wanted to achieve the double platinum with this game.Playthrough of the story was very entertaining as ever but much expected, the grind for the 70 Gold medals + the Stunt Jumps & collectibles made to is something I chipped away at occasionally over time. Took about 1 year and a few months but luckily I completed it as my 140 platinum just in time to cross it off my Backlog Demon list.


Devil May Cry

Taking advantage of a PSN sale a few months ago, I purchased the Devil May Cry HD Collection purely to play one of my favourite games on PS2, the original Devil May Cry.

Back when I first played this game at when I was 13 or 14 I remember being blown away by the style, setting and gameplay of this masterpiece. Nothing like it had come into my possession before and it was really was an introduction to a style of gameplay I would love and crave (Satisfied by Soulsborne!)

Much like Demon’s Souls I found I really enjoyed the gameplay of this one, it hadn’t aged as much as I thought and a subsequent 4 or 5 playthrough’s reminded me why I regarded this as one of my favourites from the PS2. Currently I haven’t yet obtained the Platinum though only 2 trophies remain – beating the game on its hardest difficulty (aptly named Dante Must Die!) & collecting all enemy lore.

I’ve been quite victorious in my efforts to reduce my backlog but the fight remains on all fronts! Millions of games lie on Hard Drives & Disc’s all over the gaming world incomplete or gathering dust. Here’s some of my ongoing titles that still require a lot of work that I (Someday) hope to get back to:

Kingdom Hearts II HD

Big fan of the series, played the first HD collection a lot to get the platinum on the first game but haven’t put much hours into this title yet but I’m sure once a trailer and more details for KHIII arise I’ll be tempted to finished this off to be ready for it. Nothing makes me want to revisit a series more than an announcement or trailer of an upcoming sequel and as any Kingdom Hearts fan knows, we’ve been waiting quite a while for KHIII.


Ni No Kuni

This is a game I loved when it first game out. A very charming experience with a great cast of characters and music. It reminded me of what I thought Final Fantasy Games would evolve into once we progressed onto future console generations. I haven’t attempted to play this in over a year but with the announcement of a Ni No Kuni sequel it had me immediately thinking of a replay again. Like Kingdom Hearts I’m hoping once more information is released on NNK’s sequel is released, I’ll be pushed towards a replay.

Of course I don’t truly think you could clear your backlog, as the new games released I ignored have now assimilated into the Demon to only strengthen the Backlog’s depth.

A 3rd month arises of 2016. Game releases like The Division & Hitman this month & Dark Souls III, Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted 4 and others coming up.. This fight may have to be put on hold.. For the moment.

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