Great to see the Vita getting some love this week as both Battalion Commander and The Keeper Of 4 Elements come to the handheld. Both games also get a PS4 release too. Battalion Commander gears up its invasion starting tomorrow, along with Tower Defense game The Keeper Of 4 Elements. Both games release on December 1st in America and December 2nd in Europe.

Battalion Commander certainly looks a fun military arcade game, but its main difference from other similar games is that you can play not with only one character, but with a whole squad. Battalion Commander comes with multiple achievements and upgrades and also has 12 Trophies to unlock. Armed to the teeth with guns, rockets and grenades, your task is to wade through 48 missions and defend the Motherland.

Check it out below.

About face! MARCH!

If you like your Tower Defense games then check out  The Keeper Of 4 Elements.  Your goal is to protect the picturesque island from the invading army of darkness.

On the field of mystical island you shall find:
•4 basic towers and 24 upgrades
•36 improvements for towers, spells and main hero
•15 challenging levels on 7 different maps, where every bridge and cleft is not just an image, and will play their role in battle
•3 difficulty levels: from an easy walk to the battle with titans
•28 types of enemies
•A difficult A boss battle to remember
•40 unlocks that are not easy to obtain

Unfortunately both games are not cross-buy. Which are you picking up?