Baseball Riot, the official sequel to Tennis in the Face, is arriving on PlayStation 4 and Vita in January 2016! We loved Tennis in the Face, so are really pumped for this one!

Baseball Riot brings another humorous physics based puzzle game from those awesome guys over at 10Tons. The player, as the baseball star Gabe Carpaccio, must travel through the US and clear more than 100 levels bristling with Explodz energy drink crazed villains. The gameplay is easy to pick up and play; the player simply lines up a shot, swings the bat and sees the ball knock out obnoxious fans, leery catchers, biased umpires and more. The player must bounce the ball of walls and obstacles to get the goons lurking behind cover.

Features Include
• Easy to pick up physics based puzzle gameplay
• Funny slapstick knockouts with ragdoll characters
• More than 100 increasingly challenging levels
• Three star scoring system

Check out the trailer below.

Baseball Riot sets to knock people out early next year!


More news as we get it.