Badland: Game of the Year Edition is a multi-award-winning side-scrolling action adventure game with innovative physics-based gameplay, deviously creative levels and stunning atmospheric graphics and audio.

The Game of the Year Edition features over 4 times more content than the original did when it was launched. It has over 15 hours and 100 levels of single-player story content and 100 co-op and 27 multiplayer death-match stages in an up-to-four-person local multiplayer mode.

Frogmind is a new independent game studio located in Helsinki, Finland and was founded by two ex-RedLynx colleagues and friends, Johannes Vuorinen and Juhana Myllys. After both having worked five years in gaming industry first in Universomo / THQ Wireless and then in RedLynx / Ubisoft, they decided to team up and start to develop something their own, indie style.

Badland really reminds us of the fantastic looking Unmechanical: Extended, so we are really excited to get our hands on this.

Badland: Game of the Year Edition comes to PlayStation on May 27th.