Baboon! is a game in which you need to scale vertically to a finish line up in the sky whilst avoiding enemies and hazards. The twist is you can’t jump, so you need to Baboon Shake The Room by placing a bomb under your bum (a bumb?) and in the process launch yourself up to the next platform.

Baboon! was released in early 2015 on PS Vita and was a hit with us. Spanish developer Relevo are now just about ready to bring their game to PS4. This remastered edition will feature rich 1080p graphics with a constant 60fps rate, along with lots of upgrades and improvements on control, options and balancing.

Here’s the PS Vita trailer to whet your appetite.

Let’s cut to the chase. Is Baboon! good? Yes. But prepare to go Planet of the Apesh*t because this game will drive you absolutely bananas.

Baboon! hits PS4 today!