Our overall verdict "silver"

Ronimo Games bring Awesomenauts Assemble! to us Playstation 4 space cadets – so get ready for intergalactic cat and dog fighting MOBA set in a lush futuristic platforming universe. If you’ve ever wanted to play as a beat boxing street dancing gangsta frog, or a womanising chameleon who became the most wanted criminal on the planet (after accidentally breaking into the bedroom of the prime minister’s wife), then you can….welcome to the Awesomenauts.


Cloaked in a fun 80’s cartoon wrapping, Awesomenauts Assemble! certainly looks a slick and polished PS4 game. If you’ve ever played Awesomenauts on the PS3, then you’ll be pleased to know the new PS4 version has a heap of improvements. Your main goal in Awesomenauts is to defend your turrets, while at the same time attacking your opponents turrets and hopefully head to victory. The finest set of rogue space aliens make up a wacky playlist of unlockable characters to select; a busty wave boarding girl armed with psyonic powers, a mohawk frog – it’s all here. Each are armed with a torrent of playful hate ready to unleash upon your opponents. As you’ve probably guessed, these aren’t your average spiritual beings that Billy Meier uncounted in the hills of Switzerland. These nasties bite, spit blue slime and toss you backwards with ease. The game play is fast, frantic and all converges into a mass Battle of the Planets type episode. An excellent comical commentary rolls throughout, informing players who humiliated who, which side is gaining more ground and of course who is victorious.

Powering up and working as a team is what Awesomenauts is all about, and there are a wide slection of upgrades available to each character. Just as you think you may have found your Mr or Mrs Right, along comes another unlockable dude or dudette with even more intergalactic goodies to whet your appetite. This ever increasing circle of options leads to a great deal of experimental play. Death can still only be a hair’s breath away, which can be a tad frustrating – but don’t expect games to end too fast, each game can last a good 15 minutes.


Awesomenauts starts slow, and because of this you do become a sitting duck. It’s not until collecting solar (the games currency)  that the game really takes off. Onscreen your opponents are clearly recognisable – it’s only when everyone bags the same screen spot that you get lost in space for a brief nanosecond. However this intergalactic chaos really does makes Awesomenauts all the more awesome to play.

Ronimo Games have set the balance of game play just right here. Whether jumping into a game or starting a new one, your enemies are never too heavy handed. Due to all the upgrading the choose is yours whether you want to simply gun down everyone with laser blasters, or go down the melee attack path. It’s up to you how you want to play, which makes the Awesomenauts as unique and skill based as it is.


Smooth, slick and loaded with cargo’s full of fun – Awesomenauts Assemble! has a gravitational pull hard to resist. Awesome!