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Platinums, Grinding & Glitches: The World’s Top Trophy Hunters

While some gamers are happy reaching a story’s end, reaching the chequered flag first or becoming the Last Guardian, there are other gamers that ...
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Rainbow Moon – Review (PS Vita)

Roughdawg4 takes a look at Rainbow Moon. Rainbow Moon was a PSN Exclusive Strategy RPG that was originally released mid-2012. After a successf...
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Roughdawg4 on hiding trophies

A few months ago, we received one of the most interesting updates yet. Sony has now given you the option to hide all or certain games from people...
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Eh? What the hell were they thinking?!

I am sure you have played games, up to this point, and wondered: "why is this trophy even in the game?" Sometimes you feel the publisher put this...
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Roughdawg4 talks gaming nightmares

Everyone has their own gaming nightmare stories to tell.  We're not talking lost receipts, bent inlay cards or your girlfriend using Smackdown vs...
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Let’s Fish! Hooked On – Review (PS Vita)

Developed by the team behind SEGA Bass Fishing, Let's Fish! Hooked On is one of the rare fishing games to be offered on the PS3/Vita.  The game o...
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So who are the best gamers out there?

One of the things that people talk about is who are the best gamers out there. I play with a lot of the top people in the world and I thought I w...
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Roughdawg4 looks at the easiest of the hard PS3 games

After the great feedback from the last article, we are now going to discuss the easiest of the hard games. These games are few and far between, b...
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Ask Roughdawg4 anything

The world’s No.1 trophy hunter Roughdawg4. With over 23,000 trophies including 503 Platinum trophies, gaming knowledge is at hand from our main m...
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Roughdawg4 talks PS3 trophies, you say easy… how easy?

Trophy Talk on all things PS3 and PS Vita from the world's No.1 trophy hunter Roughdawg4. With over 23,000 trophies including 475 Platinum trophi...
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