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Karl Pendlebury

6 Score

Castles – Review (PS4)

Castles is a “match 3 of a kind” game with a difference. From WhootGames and BadLand Indie, this one will be gaming Marmite. The story (term used...
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8 Score

Dex – Review (PS4)

If you grew up playing games like Streets of Rage and 90’s-styled RPGs, you’re most likely going to love this offering from Dreadlocks Ltd and Ba...
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7 Score

Lost Sea – Review (PS4)

Lost Sea is like a beginners guide to adventure. Set on a series of islands you crashed onto as a victim of the curse surrounding the Bermuda Tri...
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The Resident Evil 7 Demo will turn your hair white

It is with enormous pleasure that we welcome new writer Karl Pendlebury to the Punk and Lizard family. As part of our initiation ceremony involvi...
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