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Shadow Warrior – Review (PS4)

Shadow Warrior is a brutal and fast FPS and a remake of the 1997 original by 3D Realms. And it’s great, bloody great. Shadow Warrior gives you an...
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Paranormal platformer Extreme Exorcism coming in 2015

Just in time for Halloween, the awesome guys at Ripstone send us this news... Extreme Exorcism is an arena platformer where all of your action...
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Minutes coming to PlayStation Store on 5th November

Minutes coming to PlayStation Store on 5th November. The game will Cross-Buy title on PS4 and PS Vita and initially is available in Europe, Ocean...
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RESOGUN coming to PS Vita

Resogun is definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, the most spectacular space shoot ‘em up adventure. Now the game looks set to release on PS Vi...
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off the map

Halloween News- Gothic Abbey is resurrected using CRYENGINE

A team of three students from University of South Wale (UK) have won a unique competition to design an immersive videogame inspired by the Britis...
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blue 2

PS3 News – BlazeRush, an explosive top down racer

BlazeRush, the new fast-paced top-down racing combat title from Targem Games is now available for PlayStation 3 and Windows PC through digital do...
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Ironclad Tactics confirmed for early 2015 on PS4

PlayStation Blog report: Ironclad Tactics is a fast-paced, card-based tactics game set in the American Civil War… with robots! Although it’s r...
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Far Cry 4 – New trailer released

New Far Cry 4 trailer showcases ‘Battle of Kyrat’ multiplayer mode. Explore the midlands of Kyr...
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Minutes coming to PS4 and Vita

One game at this years EGX that caught my eye was Minutes, an abstract action game that is currently in development  for PlayStation 4, PS Vita a...
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EU PlayStation Store Update – 29th Oct

Today we have Tiny Trooper Joint Ops, Nano Assault Neo-X, Chariot, Sheep in Hell and a whole heap of other release out this week.  Even thou Nano...
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