Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones by Artifex Mundi will make its debut on PS4 today. If you’re a first timer you should know that all Artifex Mundi games released are pretty much brilliant.

Check it out below.

The Story

Delve into the grand finale of the exciting struggle of curator Sara Black and her daughter Cora against the terrifying sea pirate and legend of the seas Davy Jones.

Just before revealing the mystery of the Sea Devil to the world, the heroines are kidnapped by Davy Jones’s spooky galleon. To save herself and her daughter, Sarah will have to make a pact with the legendary pirate, discover his past, and free a young girl from the curse of the undead inhabitants of a mysterious island. Her mission will lead her through the winding corridors of a gold mine, a pirate town, Davy Jones’ palace, and labyrinth-like swamps. Will she succeed? What role do the voodoo witch and the genius alchemist O`Malley have to play in all this? Who is the spirit of the young girl and what connects her to Dave Jones? The finale of this epic adventure will bring answers to all your questions.