Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastophe, the latest installment of the hi-speed 2D fighting game developed by FK Digital will be available on PS4 March 15.

The Story So Far…

As humanity reached the height of their prosperity, they were on the verge of beginning their ventures into outer space. It was then that a scientist by the name of Dr. Arthur Tesla invented a form of energy exceeding all previously known understanding. It was far different from any currently used energy sources, and was inexhaustible, providing its power indefinitely.

This energy source, named Chaotics, replaced all other forms of energy within a decade.

Issues that had once plagued humanity, such as energy shortages, began to vanish, and progress into outer space accelerated at great speed. Human civilization now knew no limits, had no threats, and would prosper for eternity… Or so it was thought.

However, at the pinnacle of Chaotics as the sole power source of the world, the inventor of Chaotics, Dr. Tesla, suddenly disappeared. He left the mysterious words, “CHAOS CODE” behind. The United Earth government tried desperately to cover up both the scientist’s disappearance and his strange message, but the media had swollen greatly in this era, and the information spread through society nearly instantaneously.

The government assumed that the message was related to Chaotics. After the knowledge of the message had become known to all, they publicly announced a massive reward for anyone who could solve the mystery behind the words.

What exactly is “CHAOS CODE”…? As those seeking the monetary reward, those seeking to control Chaotics, those seeking to oust the government, and those with total misunderstandings all begin to answer the call, a struggle for the “CHAOS CODE” begins.


◦Newcomers Lupinus and Ray join the chaos. Also, each of the 16 unique characters have 4 additional moves from the original that players can choose from to suit their play style.

◦Game modes include Arcade Mode, Versus Mode, Mission Mode and more.

◦Use the “Color Edit” Mode, to customize the color scheme of your character for greater personality!

◦Play online with the best fighters from around the world and battle and become the compete for the highest rank!