Inspired by the dueling fun of Worms and the addictive physics of Angry Birds, Apocalypse Neighbors is a 2D Turn-based strategy game with artillery dueling, build up your house and take down your enemies.

The game takes place in alternate world in a country called Murica and the story is simple: Demons have hidden evil artifacts that are corrupting houses; destroy these artifacts and pacify corrupt neighbors and save the world. Choose a character and start building up your house, add blocks, defenses and weapons to the house to make it more powerful. Add more characters to your house to benefit from a more varied arsenal.


BoomCo Games report Apocalypse Neighbors is well on it’s way and game development for their first game is looking good.  Apocalypse Neighbors will be released on mobile devices and also have plans to bring the release to PS Vita and 3DS.

Features of the game include:

•Large Campaign map
•Easy controls
•2D cartoon steampunk anime look
•Many Comedic characters to unlock
•Dozens of wacky ammos
•Experiment with lots of different ammo combinations
•Build mad steampunk houses
•Awesome multiplayer competition

This alpha build video is a sneak peek and includes half the characters and most the weapons and ammo. No specials, construction or any other features yet

Initially the game will be released with 251 levels, that’s 50 states, with 5 levels each plus a boss level. In addition there are 24 characters each with different ammo and bonuses, plus secrets that can be unlocked.The player will be able to try different combinations of characters with their varying ammos on every level, ensuring the game remains exciting. Each street will evolve differently depending on the player actions and choices which will stave off monotony.


Replay potential is strong, as players will seek to better their scores and try different character combinations on specific levels. Rack up Dominance Points by destroying evil artifacts and spend them on upgrades for your house and characters, or maybe some specials. Earn Karma Points for good deeds and form alliances with some neighbors to increase your chance at victory. Players will have to manage their actions; you don’t want too many enemies at once.

For more info on BoomCo Games click here, and join the Kickstarter for Apocalypse Neighbors here.


Verocious is our contributor from The Hague and is an avid gamer since the day his father bought his first computer. He grew up playing games like Wolfenstein 3d, Duke Nukem and Tomb Raider. Although he loves all kinds of genres, he’s not really familiar with JRPG and Sports games. His favourite of all time is The Last of Us, and has a big love for Indie games.