Anomaly 2 releases today and tomorrow on PS4 and will be  available for £11.49/€13.99/AU$20.95/$14.99 on PlayStation Network.

Pawel Miechowski from 11 bit studios told PlayStation Blog : “What is Anomaly 2? It’s exactly opposite to tower defence: it’s a tower offence game. Tower offense in Anomaly 2 means it’s a mixture of action and strategy. You control not the towers (aliens invading Earth) but the attackers which are human forces trying to save the planet.

In Anomaly 2 the story continues right after the invasion of Earth in 2018 that took place in the predecessor Anomaly Warzone Earth. Our planet is controlled by the aliens and humankind is almost extinct. Those who managed to survive are grouped in convoys. Your convoy is called Yukon and you are the Commander, being right in the battlefield and supporting troops in your convoy through four special abilities which you deploy during the missions.”


Source: PlayStation Blog